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Colony Homes Program

Students and Parents:

Please read the information below regarding the Colony Homes educational partnership program at the Clarion County Career Center.  If you would like more information on the program you may contact the school at 814-226-4391.  

Message from Wayne Wright - General Manager of Colony Homes

There is one common goal of this program for the students:
Have the opportunity to acquire the chance for full-time employment, which will provide for them and their eventual families throughout their career.  For Colony, we have the opportunity to work with what we hope are future employees while they are still in school learning the trade.  To evaluate the possibility of a job opportunity, some of the things we look for when working with the students are:

  • Students attendance

  • Ability to read and use a tape measure

  • Ability to work within a group

  • Ability to communicate with not only group members but other employees and management staff

  • Ability to learn and retain the knowledge quickly

  • The desire to have the chance for full time employment without higher education upon graduation

Our primary purpose for entering this program is to give young people that want to stay in the area employment opportunities at more than minimum wage, with a wide range of benefits.


Clarion County Career Center students in their Junior and Senior year have the option to participate in an educational partnership with Colony Homes.  Colony supervisors will work collaboratively with students in this program throughout the school year, to bridge the gap between classroom instruction and employment.  It is our hope upon graduation; Colony Homes will offer employment opportunities to Career Center Construction Technology students.

Benefits of program participation

  • Understand the value of the coursework and how it relates to real-life employment

  • Receive training on the skills required to be an entry-level employee with the Commodore Corporation

  • Learn directly from employees who already work in the field

  • Interview with Colony Homes at the end of student’s senior year

  • Entry-level starting pay $12.60/hr.  Average pay once in a production group, $21.00/hr

  • Employment opportunities in the Clarion County area

Student Requirements

  • Must be in 11th or 12th grade

  • Must be in the Construction Technology program at the Career Center

  • Ability to read and use a tape measure

  • Ability to work and communicate within a group and communicate with others, as needed

  • Parent/Guardian must sign off to participate in Colony program

  • Parent/Guardian must also sign off for a student to withdraw from the Colony program

  • Student must demonstrate good work ethic

  • Student must, except where authorized by the administration of their sending school and/or the Career Center, maintain 93% in attendance

  • Student must satisfactorily complete all class assignments

  • Student will maintain good behavior standards in and outside of the classroom and school

  • Must desire to have the opportunity for full-time employment directly after graduation