Clarion County Career Center


Over 100 local employers have participated in the Career Center’s  co-op program. The student gains valuable on-the-job experience, improved work ethics,  possible employment or job reference and a paycheck! The co-op program is monitored by the Mr. Frank Magagnotti who is the cooperative education coordinator.

Cooperative Education

Program Information:  

Cooperative education, or “co-op”, is a method of training that combines technical instruction with on-the-job training in a shop related occupation. “Learning by Doing” is the key to cooperative education. The program helps students relate to technical instruction to “real world” employment. Qualified seniors students attend their high school for one-half of the school day to complete the academic requirements for graduation. They spend the other one-half day, or its equivalent, on the job. Employers supervise the student and periodically evaluate the student’s performance. Three credits may be earned towards a high school diploma for satisfactory work experience. Grades are assigned based on the employer’s evaluation and the student’s performance in regularly scheduled classes at the Career Center. Students must maintain acceptable grades at their sending school, have good attendance, and provide their own transportation to and from the work site.


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